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Due to the support of some brothers burdened for the campus work, the app is being offered at a price below actual cost to help the rapid adoption by many clubs. It our our goal to keep these costs low for everyone. The more quickly we can sign up a number of clubs, the faster we can add the new features saints have been asking for.

The setup fee covers customizing the app design for your club and setting up your access to the admin panel. User count is determined by how many people download & install the app.

Monthly fees include configurable admin panel access, hosting, server maintenance, app updates and tech support.

0–99 users $297 setup + $59.99/month
100-499 users $497 setup + $83.33/month
500+ users $597 setup + $116.66/month

Now available in the App Store and the Play Store.

Signing Up

Getting started with the Partaker app is easy. We can usually have your club up and running with a customized version of the app within 24 hours. To get signed up or if you would like more details about how your club can get started, please contact us by email.

Here is a list of what you will need to customize your app. (See examples of app customization.)