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Partakerâ„¢ Christian Student Clubs App

The Partakerâ„¢ CSCA connects you and the members of your Christian campus club or youth group together. It is designed to be completely customized with your club’s logo, color theme and name, with content and a user experience unique to your club.

Key benefits include:

  • Stay connected!
    • Instant or scheduled push notifications for meeting reminders, events, latest podcasts and more
    • Include fully formatted multimedia content (text & photos) with video and audio content embedded
  • Get students reading the Bible!
    • Daily Bible reading (based on the Recovery Version text) with tracking, statistics and daily reminders to help students develop the habit of daily Bible reading
    • Choice of 3 Bible reading schedule options
    • New Testament Audio Bible embedded into the text for students on the go or students who prefer audio
  • Help students develop the habit of contacting the Lord in the morning–Morning revival portions (“Daily Bread”) can be scheduled and pushed to students’ phones each morning
  • Built-in Bible for looking up verses during Bible studies, appointments and meetings
  • Built-in Song Book with the songs you want to sing with the students, leading them into an appreciation of the high truth and a deeper experience of the Lord
    • Toggle guitar chords on and off
    • Search songs by number, first line, chorus, or any part of the lyrics
    • Add new songs to the songbook with ease, for your club, your region or share with the whole country
    • Embedded song recordings help the students learn new hymns
  • Keeps meetings & upcoming events in front of the students
    • Create a schedule for weekly Bible studies, group meetings, club outings, church meetings and special events
    • One-time and recurring weekly meetings
    • Automated reminders for meetings–set it once and forget it
    • Link to Google Forms or your website to complete event registration
    • Events can be managed locally, shared with other clubs, and/or managed by region
  • Lead students into enjoying the ministry in their daily life with an extensive podcast library
    • Include either video or audio podcasts
    • Add material you have recorded and/or libraries shared by other clubs
  • Helps you follow up with students regularly
    • Access to student-shared contact information via back-end admin panel
    • Arrange students into any number of groups for personal follow up with notifications in-app and on the phone
    • Assign different responsibilities to different people with unlimited club admins and granular roles assignments
  • Helps in shepherding
    • Built-in Discipleship materials for guided, student-led one-on-one appointments
  • Built for coordination and sharing
    • Club admins can clone & share podcast libraries, Bible study materials, morning revival series, Bible reading challenges, verse of the day, quote of the day libraries, etc., with other clubs
    • The list of libraries that you can import for your students is growing
    • Organize joint events with any number of other clubs (blending meetings, college conferences, college trainings, etc.)
    • A group of clubs in a region can have shared administration of various content areas (if desired) for increased coordination
  • Customized for your campus or club
    • Fully customizable in-app experience with your club’s name, logo & color scheme
    • Additional sections for new ones to get to know more about your club, and to connect with you via other social media
    • Day mode & night mode according to user preferences make the app more pleasant to use
  • Designed to be used
    • Simple, intuitive navigation helps students dive right into the riches available–in our pocket!
    • Puts the most important functions up front

There is also much more in development for future releases later this year.

Now available in the App Store and the Play Store.

If you would like more details about how your club can get started, visit our Get Started page or contact us by email.